6 Down Days

Today is a down day (day off).

A lay in is never achievable when you have children!

How do you separate your personal life from work?

Maybe it’s as I’m new to the job, but I can’t seem to escape it. Every phone call consists of “hows work going”, I simply scramble for a subject, any subject to divert the conversation away from the hub.

I’ve also noticed my vocabulary slowly being influenced by work terminology. Just today I told my mechanic my car had suffered a cardiac arrest, how humiliating!

Then there’s my triaging my infant child over the phone whilst she’s in the care of family, convinced she’s suffering anaphylactic shock by way of exposure to suncream (she’s allergic) when in fact she was simply tired and a tad puffy in the face.

One thing I absolutely never do is wear my uniform in public, mainly for safeguarding purposes, why would you put a target on your back? Secondly so that your local Tesco’s staff can’t identify you and ask all about your work.

Then there’s the problem of integrating back into work when you’re a part timer with days, sometimes even a week between shifts. On several occasions I’ve sat there frantically turning out the old cranium archives for that first word… “Ambulance”.

I’m first to admit I’m the worst closer, and by that I mean I just can’t seem to summarise my posts in an articulate manner.

I shall therefore leave you with the below quote.

KW x

Start every day off with a smile and get it over with. — W C Fields


5 thoughts on “6 Down Days

  1. I would imagine that being part-time does make for a more difficult adjustment when you go back on shift. But when you have been there much longer, I’m sure you will eventually get used to it.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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